We Are Techno SYLENTH1

TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 26 July 2014 | 8.6 MB

We Are Techno is a complete set of 64 Sylenth patches that faithfully covers the underground genre of Techno, Tech-House and House. Self contained synth patches with all the sounds you will need to fully complete your masterpiece using only presets included in the pack. Each sound has it’s own unique tone or sequence to instantly reach the desired groove for your mixes. Layering sounds for extra thickness is easily achieved due to a comprehensive use of Sylenth’s built-in EQ and Compression. We’ve done the dirty job of tuning up any unwanted frequencies for each preset. WA01 comes racked up with 10 bass sounds / 3 leads / 8 lead sequences / 6 synth sequences / 4 TB-303 tones / 6 pads / 4 atmospheric sounds / 3 kicks loops / 1 snare loop / 4 hi hat loops / 1 shaker loop / 2 percussive tones / 3 percussive loops / 3 tom loops / and 6 EFX’s. Leaving no room for tiny sounds. You got to try this!!!


  • 64 Sylenth Patches
  • 8.3MB Zipped


We Are Techno Sylenth-MAGNETRiXX