u-he Bazille Explained TUTORiAL

Team SYNTHiC4TE | August 01 2014 | 776 MB


Synth master Scottie Dugan returns, this time covering the incredible modular virtual synth Bazille, by the synth gurus at u-he! This definitive series covers everything from beginning to end, including sound design examples that will show you how to make awesome sounds from scratch. Scottie starts with a detailed Overview covering the Main Sections and Controls. Next, Oscillator Basics are shown, followed by Phase Modulation, Distortion and Fractal Resonance explanations, including how to use them to shape sounds. LFOs, Filters, Envelopes and Processors are then examined, explained and demonstrated, giving you a solid working knowledge of these important Sonic Sculpting Tools.

MIDI Options are now revealed, and you’ll see How to Assign and Control Bazille’s Parameters with both Internal MIDI Commands and External Commands, from a MIDI / USB Control Surface. The powerful Step Sequencer is then shown, enabling you to Make Cool Sequences in no time. Scottie now focuses on Voice Control, Mapping Generators, Additional Parameters, Distortion, Delay, and Phaser effects.

Wrapping up the series, Scottie shows you how to get down and dirty using Bazille in a Live Performance, and then supplies you with videos on Creating Sounds from Scratch, including Kick Drums, Basses, Melody & Chord Patches, and Sound Effects.

If you’ve dreamed of getting into Modular Synthesis, Bazille is a great way to go. Learn this monster synth inside and out, and Start Creating Your Own Powerhouse Sounds, Effects and More… Watch “u-he Bazille Explained” today!

u-he Bazille Explained TUTORiAL