The Frequency Spectrum TUTORiAL

FANTASTiC | 16 August 2018 | 209 MB

A basic knowledge of the frequency spectrum, how it is constructed and represented in your DAWs will set you up to manipulate and understand how sound and digital audio work. The skills taught in this course are fundamental for anyone wanting to make electronic music. If you’ve got the passion but maybe lack the background, get started with this foundation course on the frequency spectrum now!

Course Overview
This course will explore the fundamentals of sound and the frequency spectrum before moving onto to some essential digital audio theory.

Topics that will be covered:
•The basics of sound – Amplitude, frequency, phase, harmonic content, dBs.
•Harmonic theory – Fundamental frequency, Harmonics, partials.
•Sampling Theory – Sample rates, Bit resolution

These areas are essential to understand for all areas of audio production:
•Sound Design

The Frequency Spectrum TUTORiAL