Discharge Amp Pack v1.2 for Grind Machine II

SYNTHiC4TE | August 16 2018 | 471 KB

Discharge is an expansion pack for our acclaimed Grind Machine II, bringing an essential collection of brutal tones to your DAW!

– Knuckle Smooth emulates a knuckle headed metal monster, modded for a smoother top end and beefier lows
– Knuckle emulates the original knuckle headed metal monster
– KRK RV Fat emulates a revolutionary amp cranked to the max, modded with a beefier bottom end and a more present midrange
– KRK RV emulates the original revolutionary amp cranked to the max by some of the godfathers of metal
– Ramses is an original design blending the Viper (below) with the preamp of a forgotten 1970’s analog console
– The Bomber is an original design based on the high gain monster used in our Dominator plugin, but bigger and less forgiving
– Ultra JCM emulates a rock guitar legend, modded with a pushed input section for more punishing grind
– Viper emulates a German boutique amp commonly hailed as the “Holy Grail” of metal tones

Requires: Grind Machine II

Discharge Amp Pack v1.2 for Grind Machine II-SYNTHiC4TE